AF6B Acquisition and Assessment of Morphosyntax



Acquisition and Assessment of Morphosyntax from 11 April 2018

Led by Professor Martha Young-Scholten (Newcastle University) and Dr Rola Naeb (University of Northumberland)

Week 1:  Terms, concepts and issues for a module tool box

Week 2:  Studies of immigrant adults, including of the sort of learners with whom participants work. Participants will begin to conduct a small-scale study.

Week 3:  How adult second language acquisition takes place over time

Week 4:  The role of instruction from several perspectives

Week 5:  Testing and assessment

Week 6:  Reconsidering input;  a virtual conference, and contact with SLA researchers, to share results of module participants’ analysis of their own learners’ morphosyntax.



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There are 25 questions in this survey.